Aug 07, 2018
AGM Notice 2018

Mar 31, 2018
Result of written exam for trainee clerks held on 11th March 2018
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Loan Schemes

Sr. No. Loand and Advances
1 Cash Credit
2 Mortgage Loan
3 Vehicle Loan (new) -
Personal Use
  Vehicle Loan (2nd Hand) – Personal use
4 Vehicle Loan for Commercial Use
  Vehicle loan for commercial use
2nd hand used
5 Housing Loan
Upto 30 lacs
  Housing Loan Above 30 lacs upto 50 lacs
6 Personal / House Repair Loan
7 Gold Loan/ Loan against NSC, S.V. of Life Policies and Govt. securities
8 8 OD Gold
  OD against NSC, S.V. of Life  Policies and Govt. securities
9 Loan/OD against Own deposits
10 Loan/OD against 3rd Party Deposits
11 Education Loans Unsecured (up to 5.00 lacs)
Secured against Property
12 Overdraft Against Property
13 Lease Rent Discounting
14 Loans to professionals
15 House Furnishing*
(linked to Housing Loans only upto   Rs. 5.00 lacs)
16 Consumer Loans upto Rs. 50,000/-* With 2 sureties and nominal membership
17 Auto Rickshaw Loans New
  Old  2nd Hand