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खातेदारांसाठी / ग्राहकांसाठी सूचना

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Service Charges

Sr. No. Type of Service / Facility Arrangement Service Charges

1. Locker Rent

i) Claim of Locker Categorywise  
  A Rs.1000.00
  B Rs.1200.00
  C Rs.1300.00
  E Rs.2000.00
  F Rs.2000.00
  H Rs.3000.00
  H1 Rs.1500.00
ii) Surrender of Locker Rs.500.00 per locker
iii) Break-open of Locker in case of loss of key/non-paymnet of rent Rs.500/- plus actual charges of break-open

2. HDFC Deamd Draft

    Service Charges
i) Issue of Demand Draft Rs.2/- per thousand
    Minimum Rs.50/-
    Maximum Rs.2000/-
ii) Cancellation/Revalidation of Demand Draft Rs.50/- per transaction

3. Pay Order

    Service Charges
i) Issue of Pay Oder Rs.25/- upto Rs.10000/-
    Rs.2/- per thousand above Rs.10000/-
    Maximum Rs.1000/-
ii) Cancellation/Revalidation of Pay Oder Rs.25/-
iii) Duplicate Pay Order Rs.50/-

4. Collection of Cheques/Bill (OBC)

    Service Charges
    Rs.100/- per transaction irrespective of cheque amount

5. Bill Purchase/Cheque Discouting/ Against Effect

    Service Charges
    Rs.10/- per thousand

6. Stop Payment Charges

    Service Charges
    Rs.50/- per instrument

7. Sign Verification / Attestation

    Service Charges
    Rs.50/- per form

8. Account Close

    Service Charges
  Saving Bank A/c (without Cheque Book) Rs.75/-
  Saving Bank A/c (with Cheque Book) Rs.100/-
  Current Deposit A/c Rs.200/-


    Service Charges
i) Duplicate Pass Book/Statement (SB A/c) Rs.50/- per Pass Book
ii) Current /Cash Credit/Overdraft A/c Statement Rs.50/- per page

10. Cheque Book

    Service Charges
i) Saving Bank A/c (15 leaves cheque book) First 10 cheque leaves free and every additional cheque book Rs.1/- per leaf
ii) Current/Cash Credit /Overdraft / Overdraft Against Property / Overdraft Against Gold (45 leaves cheque book) Rs.50/- per cheque book
iii) Issue of loose cheque leave Rs.5/- per cheque leaf

11. Minimum Balance in A/c

    Service Charges
i) Saving Bank A/c (without Cheque Book) Rs.500/-
ii) Saving Bank A/c (with Cheque Book) Rs.1000/-
iii) Current Deposit A/c Rs.3000/-

12. Minimum Balance Charges

    Service Charges
i) Saving Bank A.c Rs.25/-
ii) Current Deposit A/c Rs.75/-

13. Solvency Certificate

    Service Charges
    1% of the amount.

14. Bank Gurantee

    Service Charges
    i) 3% of guarantee amount ii) 1% for fully secured guarantee by Term Deposit iii) Minimum Rs.100/-
    Commission - every renewal (as above)

15. Return Charges

    Service Charges
i) Inward Rs.150/- per instrument + 18% interest for 2 days on amount of cheque
ii) Outward Rs.100/- per instrument+ 18% interest for 2 dyas on amount of cheque
iii) ECS Return (Debit/Credit) Rs.200/- per transaction (Debit Return)

16. Loan Application File

    Service Charges

17. Standing Instruction

    Service Charges
    Rs.25/- per instrument

18. Folio Charges (CA/CC/OD/ODAP/ODG)

    Service Charges
    Rs.100/- per page
    Minimum Rs.200/- will be charged in the month of September and March every year

19. Inoperative Charges

    Service Charges
i) Saving Bank A/c (more than 6 months) Rs.100/-

20. No Dues Certificate

    Service Charges
    Rs.50/- per certificate

21. Balance/ Interest Certificate

    Service Charges
    Rs.50/- per certificate

22. Custody Charges (Gold Loan)

    Service Charges
    1% of loan amount

23. Irregular Installment (Recurring A/c)

    Service Charges
    Rs.1.50 for every Rs.100/- p.m.
    Rs.2/- for every Rs.100/- p.m.

24. NEFT

    Service Charges
i) Upto Rs.10,000/- Rs.2.50/-
ii) Above Rs.10,001 to Rs.1.00 Lakh Rs.5/-
iii) Above Rs.1.00 Lakh to Rs.2.00 Lakh Rs.15/-
iv) Above Rs.2.00 Lakh Rs.25/-

25. ATM Card

    Service Charges

26. Visit Charges to Borrower

    Service Charges
    Actual Expenses

27. Notice to Defaulters

    Service Charges
    Rs.25/- + Postage for 1st Notice
    Rs.50/- + Postage for 2nd Notice
    Rs.200/- + Postage for Legal Notice
    Rs.300/- + Postage for Court Notice

28. Loan Processing Chareges (Except Gold/ LAD/NSC/LIC Loan)

    Service Charges
    1% on loan amount (0.50% in advance at the time of submission of Loan Application) Maximum Rs.1.00 Lakh

29. Cash Credit / ODAP Renewal

    Service Charges
    Rs.1000/- upto Rs.2.00 Lakh
    Rs.5000/- upto Rs.5.00 Lakh
    Rs.10000/- above Rs.5.00 Lakh

30. Loan Prepayment Charges

    Service Charges
    1% of Sanctioned Limit

31. Duplicate ATM Card

    Service Charges
    Rs.100/- per ATM Card